Friday, November 5, 2010

Can't believe it's over!

Every year, we spend months preparing for the season. There are untold hours put into recruiting, budgeting, scheduling, evaluating, and planning so that Berry Volleyball can be at its best from August - October/November. This year was no different in that regard. We recruited four tremendous additions to the team, put together a schedule that was often grueling and almost always challenging, and found a way to take trips as far away as New York and Clearwater. Fortunately, this group of young ladies responded by giving their all the vast majority of the time. Their efforts resulted in a 22-11 season record with an incredible 10-1 home record, a great win over our rival Shorter College on our home floor, and a thrilling come from behind five set victory over Maryville in the last match of the season. For a team who is making the sacrifice of no post season and no individual season awards due to our transition to NCAA, their accomplishments are quite remarkable. This is a group of unselfish players who play for the love of the sport and, more importantly, the love of their teammates. Every coach should be so fortunate!

Now that the season has ended, the process starts over again. The recruiting trips, scheduling phone calls, number crunching, and planning begin anew. Our coaching staff is excited to work towards making next year even better and look forward to sharing the journey along the way!

Until next time!